Interlude II Why buy? Just ask the universe

People say, just be, you don’t need to posess things. Let go. Hitchhiking often is about leaving things behind. Especially if you don’t rent a place and all you can have is what fits in your backpack. There’s a clear limit. But anyway travelling is not about having much, you need some clothes, a map, sleeping bag maybe a camera and optional small notebook or phone. It’s about collecting experience, rather than things.

This sounds super easy, sometimes it isn’t. Maybe you cannot afford to buy food, or your tent is broken or you want to settle down and rent a place for a month or two. Or you are just tired of spending nights at gas stations and want to sit in a warm train. It’s ok.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI remember when I was 15 years old and read the famous book “to have or to be” by Erich Fromm. I understood what was his point, but of course 15 is a very material focused age. I thought you always needed things in order to be something. You need equipment, maybe a good bicycle, or artistic material or hiking shoes. But nevertheless I’m not one of these people to say, If I only had this and that and planned it well, I would start travelling maybe there or there. I just go.

I have a friend who says you just have to ask the universe if you need something. Yeah, yeah, of course, crazy hippie, I laughed. But then we were thinking about how nice it would be to eat something sweet and there it was, lying abandoned on a park bench in front of us. No one around, neatly packed in a paper bag, and no, not warm any more, but fresh. Mmh!

Then another friend told me how he, without a penny went for a walk singing a song and thinking he will find 100Eur. And he actually found 50Eur lying in the mud. When he picked it up, he noticed it were two 50Eur notes. That sounds crazy, but it’s true!

Winter in Lisbon means rain, I needed rainproof shoes, I started to ask people if they new a place where I could get second hand winter shoes, or boots, and they all shook their head. I kept my running shoes with wholes. The next day I met a friend who left Lsibon and he asked me (without knowing that I was searching!!) “by any chance you could use some winter boots? They are new, someone gave them to me, but I don’t need them. Size 39-40”. Yes! Exactly my size,

Another friend needed new glasses, expensive thing. And he found them casually walking across the flea market in Lisbon. Exactly his strength, exactly his style.

Walking back to our camp last night, I had a quick look in the trash and found trash, and at a deeper look, a belt exactly my size. So now, my trousers don’t slip down no more, I really needed one.

This is just the stories from the last two weeks, if I think about it there’s much more. Now, I don’t work how this asking works, but things I really need, come to me!

Do these things happen to you, too? SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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