chapter 22 Polska Postgathering

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESAutumn arrived, German fields turned golden, wind mills turn round. We were about to leave Berlin for the Baltic sea, having 80cent- coffee for breakfast in a Turkish café in Wedding on a rainy morning, collecting energy to step out in the cold and walk to the highway. Eating yummy Turkish sesame bread someSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES had left half eaten on the table, changing eye contact with the owner who is trying to keep the shop dry. Was it his bread I am eating?

Then walking through the rain curtain to the hitching spot. I have never before been that far north-east on the map. Already some leaves turned orange and red and fall constantly on the wet asphalt where people step on them.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

[half a day, some nice conversations, one traffic jam and a lot of walking later] We arrived in Poland! It was my first time in the country, I love polish drivers, although they sometimes scare me with their driving style. Language is not a barrier, they love to pick up hitchhikers. It’s always fun to be in a country where you understand SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESnothing at all. I was surprised to see a sign that seems to forbid backpackers as you can see in the picture. Another weird thing we had never seen before, was the advertising at a gas station of bathrooms inside the restaurant. It appeared on the screen, like saying “inside there are real toilets!”. So funny!

Our friend lived close to the coastal town of USAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESstka, at our friends house. She invited us, along with other hitchhiker friends to meet for a Postgathering, some weeks after the main European Hitchgathering in Albania. There we spend a week collecting apples and elder berries and making food and juice for everyone.  Anna made bread, Egor made beet root soup. Basically we spend a week eating, because we also brought masses of dumpster dived chocolate Easter bunnies from Germany. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESIn the afternoons we went to the beach (that looks a bit like El Pinar, Uruguay), spent some hourSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESs lying lazily in the white sand, reading, talking, our skins soaking up with autumn sun and looking for mushrooms in the forest on our way back. The forest was not only full of mushrooms, but of plastic bottles and all kind of trash which we then collected, toSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESo. In fact we found even more plastic than mushrooms. We were not sure about which ones were good and which poisonous. But it’s easy, just show them to the polish grandmas, who get up early and find buckets full, they’ll tell you which are edible and which not – even if you don’t know any polish, face expressions, hands and feet will make you understandSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES. Also there were a lot of bunkers and a military base, the sound of their cannonballs, or whatever scary “exercises” making big dump ecoes throughout the landscape.

After a busy summer travelling all over, autumn is the time to spend hours sitting in front of the wood oven, updating blogs, sauna, going for a walk with the dog, collecting more apples or riding our bikes through the villages and then welcoming more friends that arrived! We were asked to paint the walls of the attic, so we let out all our creativity and made  a crazy rainforest with all seasons, animals, plants, rainbows and imaginary forms of life. Here’s the video! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

After little more than a week it was time to move again. We started hitchhiking the one thousand kilometres back to our temporal home south of Germany. We went together four people and a dog, trying to find a car for all of us if possible. The dog ran to roll around in the frSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESeshly manured field exactly when the first car stopped for us. We hadn’t waited long, the dog smelled so bad, you couldn’ t stand it, even from 10 meters away and against the wind. In the car, the drivers opened the window and offered cigarettes to everyone.

Later we split. In Berlin we saw another curious thing: a dog sitting on a motorbike wearing goggles and entering the highway with it’s owner. From Nikolassee in Berlin a nice family was very happy to give us a 600km ride, and we were happy they gave us the ride, so we spent the time in the VW bus playing cards with the kids, sharing coffee and drawing animals.





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