First time Балкан !

The last 6 weeks or so I went to travel the Balkans for the first time, starting from Germany and stopping for some mountain adventures in the Alps first. I never had any idea what to expect of Balkan area and cultures, didn´t know much about history nor present situation. I was never a fan of Balkan movies, or music neither, but so glad I went to see with my own eyes. During this time I have visited (and slept in) 12 different countries, 8 of them I never had visited before:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and Hungary, and passed quickly through 2 more: Slovenia and Bosnia.

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI hitchhiked aproximately 4300km in uncounted cars, trucks, transporters,.. went to the 7th european hitchgathering in Qeparo fshat, Albania. Slept under shooting stars, ate Burek and watermelon nearly every day, got invited many many cafes from drivers, met so many amazing people, made new friends along the way and hugged the good old ones that were there with me. Balkan hospitality, food, just everything was amazing. Also the weather, the beaches, the nature. Of course!

More writings coming soon!




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