chapter 9 summer, sun, salzburg and our friends in green uniforms

SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESA few weeks after returning from England – still looking on the wrong side when crossing the street – I had some weeks time without plans, so I started hitching somewhere. At first I went first to my friend´s house in a tiny village close to Wasserburg. On the way there, near Rosenheim, a police car stopped us walking peacefully towardsSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES a hitching spot. They insulted us without reason, let us feel their authority, searched our backpacks for “drugs and weapons”, found nothing but some police-critical stickers and letters from the “jobcenter”, but in the end let us go. It was cold, dark and rainy. Ten minutes later the service station employee ran to ask drivers what we had asked them (something illegal or imprudent?). Crazy Bavaria! After some days of lying in the grass, playing chess, reading (John Irving, G. García Márquez and C.M. Domínguez) and dumpster diving vegetables and micky mouse magazines SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESI hitched to Salzburg, Austria, where I wanted to meet good old friends I had not seen in a while. When I just arrived and started to walk from the highway along the river to the center a boy/young man came to walk with me and started asking me questions, first it was: hey, what´s your name? where´re you going? then it went: what colour is your underwear? do you have a boyfriend? how do you look down there, you know where? do you touch yourself and make noises, too? does he hit you? At first I thought he wanted to flirt or something, but then I realized he needed just someone to talk to. He told me about what he watched his parents do (with all the details) and what he did with himself and with his girlfriend and then started to repeat all the questions and stories about three times. It was weird, but still kind of interesting and funny. In Salzburg as always I had a relaxed time drinking mate with friends, reading some books and enjoying the sunny weather and the view eating ice cream by the river.




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