chapter 1 getting a new passport


getting a new passport

Being a citizen is a privilege, a stupid privilege. I reminded myself when I recently paid about a 100€ to have the passport and ID renewed. Pretty cheap considering that it opens a lot of doors on this world. Pretty expensive if I believe they should be open and barrier-free to anyone. This is one of the very few things I actually appreciate about the fortress europe, that I can leave my passport behind and don´t have get nervous when I cross national borders. I usually forget about them existing at all. But there are billions of people on this world that do not have a passport or have the „wrong“ one. Nobel prize of peace winner European union is proud of its welfare system and its human rights, they just shovel all the bodies and the blood on their outside borders and wash their hands clean. Everything fine. You know how it goes. All this just because the „idea“ of the nation-state has started spreading about two or three centuries ago. A state is defined by it´s legitimate holding of the power monopoly over a nation on a territory. A nation claims to be cultural or ethic entity on a certain geographic area, an idea which, as every one knows, is ridiculous. A nation, als homogeneous folk, or people, as unity empirically does not exist.

Just to keep in mind.



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